Samsung plans for half a billion phones next year, Google offers free Gmail calling for another year and your questions to wrap up 2012.

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AT&T picks up AWS and WCS spectrum in over 600 markets, our first glimpse at the new BlackBerry 10 hardware and Google announces scan and match for Google Music.

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Surprise, Sprint looks to pick up Clearwire, Republic Wireless officially launches and Google Maps for iPhone.

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T-Mobile will finally get the iPhone, Google goes on a tear with updates and SMS turns 20.

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The Cell Phone Junkie Show #340 43:02
Show Notes
Ranking the carriers and handset makers, iPhone supply catches up with demand, and Google  issues a slew of iOS app updates.

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The Cell Phone Junkie Show #339 39:43
Show Notes
AT&T now allowing FaceTime over cellular for most, T-Mobile’s 1900MHz HSPA+ expansion comes to 10 additional markets, and some signal booster advice for those hard to reach areas.

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The Cell Phone Junkie Show #338 1:03:00
Show Notes
Google looking to become a carrier, Nexus 4’s sell out in minutes and LTE expansions explode.

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The Cell Phone Junkie Show #337 46:26
Show Notes
LTE timelines revised, Windows Phone 8 is here and explaining the differences between the mobile music streaming services.

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The Cell Phone Junkie Show #336 1:06:06
Show Notes
How the networks held up to Hurricane Sandy, Microsoft officially reveals WindowsPhone 8, and Google announces multiple Nexus devices.

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The Cell Phone Junkie Show #335 1:11:53
Show Notes
Quarterly earnings show mixed results across the industry, Apple announces new iPads and get ready for the next Nexus. 

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