The Cell Phone Junkie Show #309 52:41
Show Notes
Quarterly numbers start rolling in, Samsung is now the largest cell phone maker, and Google gets back in the phone retail game

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The Cell Phone Junkie Show #308 53:59
Show Notes
Verizon’s LTE now covers two-thirds of the country, Samsung will unveil the next Galaxy device in May, and is AT&T really unlocking iPhones.

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The Cell Phone Junkie Show #307 59:23
Show Notes
Sprint announces plans for LTE implementation on the 800MHz spectrum, Nokia offers credits for Lumia 900 buyers, and how to get data on an international phone working properly with any SIM.

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The Cell Phone Junkie Show #306 57:17
Show Notes
Sprint announces the HTC EVO 4G LTE, Instagram comes to Android, and the Sprint Nexus S 4G finally gets its Ice Cream Sandwich.

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The Cell Phone Junkie Show #305 55:33
Show Notes
Half of all Americans now own a smartphone, AT&T announces the Lumia 900 for only $100, and the curse of the Nexus continues.

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